Meet The Fans

Meet the fans? Well, to really do that you need to get yourself out to one of their shows which the band would just love. So what are we up to here? Well obviously we want you to look at the box to the left and fill in the form if you haven't already. That will get you on the official mailing list for the fan club. What does being in the fan club get you? Well first, tons of love and appreciation from the guys in the band. What? That's not enough? Ok, we'll also make sure that you're the first to know about upcoming Tonebenders events. No way, you still want more? Ok, fine. If and when any Tonebenders merchandise like t-shirts, hats, monogrammed undies, CDs or anything like that is made available, we'll make sure you get first pick and maybe even a discount, will that do? Ok, we'll also occasionally pick a random person from the list and send them something cool in the mail. We reserve the right to determine what is cool and what isn't. Look, just fill out the form and hit the submit button. Do it or we'll find you and make you listen to Abba!

Donna Williams - Fan Club President | I'm not your typical woman... enough about me, now let me tell you why I LOVE The Tonebenders... it's because they pay me1... wait, I wasn't supposed to tell you that part.

I met Jeff about two years ago through work and he mentioned he was in a band2 and I should come and listen to them sometime. I don't like to go to bars by myself so you may understand why I might be hesitant about going to a place called "The Hawg Pound", which is where it seemed they were always playing when it was convenient for me to go.3 Jeff told me that on July 26th (2009) they were playing a fund raiser for Jimi Dubowik, a young man in need of a motorized wheelchair. I made some calls and had several friends lined up to go with me but in the end they all canceled and I just decided to Hell with it, I'm going... and the rest is history. From the moment I walked into the Hawg Pound and met the rest of the band members and Jeff's wife Nancy I felt like I "belonged". I knew no matter where they played I could feel safe going by myself.

They may be a diverse group of guys but they have a single goal when on stage, and that is to entertain and make sure their fans are getting their money's worth... I mean, having fun. And they are always appreciative of the fans that show up event after event to support them. They have no idea the effect they have on this fan when she walks through the door and gets the "we're so happy to see you" smile and look4 so don't tell them or it may go to their heads!

Someone said they thought it was awesome5 that I drive from Lakeland to Zephyrhills to see the band. To repay them for the wonderful friends I've made through them and the fun I've had the past two months I'd drive to the ends of the earth to support them... and take pictures of their feet!6

  • 1 - No we don't. You've been drinking again, haven't you?
  • 2 - That was a different band. Sticks of Fire and they were great!
  • 3 - Again, that was another band. The Tonebenders have only played The Hawg Pound once. So far.
  • 4 - It's because you bring cake!
  • 5 - We believe the word they used was "crazy".
  • 6 - Oh, did we mention Donna has a foot fetish? She'll swear she doesn't but well, ya know...

Our fans know that The Tonebenders' primary focus is having fun and enjoying great music. They are available for parties, weddings and other special occasions. They are community friendly and like to participate in charity events or fund raisers for a good cause if they are available.