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How to Contact the Band

The internet has expanded and enriched our lives in so many ways, not the least being how we communicate. We here at Tonebenders.com are proud to feature some of the web's newest technologies. Behold - Melt-O-Mail®! Melt-O-Mail® actually uses your very own brain to send the message. Working on the cellular level, this technology realigns your brain cells into a powerful brain wave transmitter, conveniently capable of sending email. Follow the instructions below very carefully.

Ok, Step One - You're gonna need a very stiff drink. Several really, the more the better, so, get inebriated, loaded, looped, muddled, potted, sloppy, smashed, tanked, three sheets to the wind, or as we like to say, Get Bent! Please DO NOT skip this step, the more intoxicated you are, the less chance of Melt-O-Mail® accidentally damaging some random brain cells. Oh, did we mention this whole Melt-O-Mail® thing is still kinda in Beta? Sure, there are some risks involved but hey, so what, You are getting to use this new technology before anyone else. How cool is that?

Now, Step Two - Stare at our patented Swirly Thingy®. That's it. Keep staring. This part is so important and if you followed the instructions in Step One properly, then you are well on your way. Now keep staring for as long as it takes and keep in mind, this may take a while, days, perhaps up to a week. Sure, you may lose some time and productivity but look at you, you've got the very latest in internet email technology working for you. Can your neighbor say that? Any of your friends? Your Boss? How about that guy in the Lamborghini that cut you off on your way to work last week, can he? Well, yeah, he can, he's got more cash than any of us but look at that car, certainly he is compensating for some shortcoming in his life. But not you! You rock and you are leading the way in new internet technology stuff.

Time for Step Three - As you continue to stare at the Swirly Thingy®, start to formulate your message. Hopefully Step One has not interfered with your basic thought processes and you can remember why you wanted to email the band in the first place. Sadly, we often get messages that were meant to say they enjoyed the show or would like to book us but they come through very suggestive poetry about one or more members of the band. We have also seen quite a few asking about our shoes, but we think we have those figured out.

It's time to communicate, Step Four - If you have followed all of the above steps correctly, the magic is about to happen. You'll know it when it does so be ready to send your message. In those brief moments between your head tilting forward and your face actually hitting the desk, imagine your message wafting away into the ether. Before you know it, your message will be floating off into the friendly skies exactly the way that cows don't, and when you awaken you can be assured that The Tonebenders have your message. IF your message is meant for just one member of the band, repeat their name as you tilt your head slightly to the left. It'll get there, we promise. If you would care to help us further the development of Melt-O-Mail®, get someone to take video of you sending your message. Upload it to YouTube so that the entire scientific community can study your progress and help us to improve this awesome new technology. Melt-O-Mail® - Working hard so you don't have to... Oh and feel free to repeat Step One as often as needed.

If this seems like just too much work, or you have a near fatal aversion to trying new things, we understand. Perhaps your email would be best sent using one of the links to the left. Whichever way you choose, The Tonebenders look forward to hearing from you.