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Our friends at AJL Custom Shop specialize in custom built guitars, customized paint, repairs, fret work, and precision electronic modifications. Our own Jeff Cole especially loves their Harpmaster Series Custom Pickups.

Jeff Cole says: "Tony makes the best pick ups I have ever played. Not to mention they are about half the price of anything similar. I have a set of the Rockmaster Hums, Modern P90's and Vintage P90's and they all rock!".


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Meet The Tonebenders

The Tonebenders are: A guitar player, another guitar playerand a bassist and every one of them can sing. With five players from different backgrounds you gotta figure that the band's influences are pretty diverse:

Jeff Cole - Guitar & Vocals | Jeff grew up in the south in the blue collar textile town Danville, Va. It was a lot like Mayberry and Jeff wasn't much different than Opie, fishing with Grandpa and playing Little League baseball. He got his first guitar for Christmas at the age of 10. He was always too shy to let anyone see him play. Finally at the ripe old age of 35 he decided it was now or never and began to force himself into playing and singing for others. It didn't take long before he teamed up with some friends and formed a band. Since then he has played in several groups along the way to the Tonebenders.


Rich Cress - Guitar & Vocals | Once Rich got on stage with The Tonebenders, we knew things were gonna be different. We thought he was there to vacuum the stage and dust a little, which he did and then charged us ten dollars but when he pulled out his guitar and started to play we stood there in disbelief. Not one of us could belive that we had just gotten a guitarist to clean up the stage, let alone vacuum. Oh yeah, he's pretty darn good with that guitar of his and he can sing too.



Dale "DC" Collins - Bass & Vocals | Dale is our 'quiet one'... Every band has one and Dale is ours. Sometimes we get the feeling that he is thinking about something. Something deep. We just hope that he is not plotting against the rest of us. Dale likes to be called "DC" and likes to go for long drives and the occasional hike. Once we told him to take a hike and we didn't see him for months. All kidding aside, Dale lays down a thumpin' bassline and sings some sweet harmonies.